About The Boston Theatre Conference ’11

Boston Theatre is made up of artists,  organizations, and enthusiasts united by the desire to provide and experience exceptional performances, inspired programming and unforgettable events. The strength of this sector comes from our ongoing engagement with each other.

Join us on February 27 and 28 as we examine New England theatre, how it has taken root, grown and flourishes.

Discourse is inspired by Barbara Lynch (Founder of The Barbara Lynch Gruppo http://barbaralynch.com), who will focus on parallels with the Slow Food movement (local, fresh, sustainable http://www.slowfoodusa.org); Michael Maso reflects on the changes he has seen in New England theatre during his tenure at The Huntington Theatre Company; and contributors in all disciplines on the ins and outs of a portfolio career; plus performances, breakout discussions and networking opportunities.

Who is the Boston Theatre community? As we define ourselves, how do we engage with the community at large? What role does the theatre community play in both mirroring and shaping our multi faceted society? The Boston Theatre Conference aims to engage all theatre practioners, including actors, directors, designers, technicians, dramaturgs, administrations, board members, educators and audience members in tackling these themes.

We invite everyone who has an interest in theatre to join in this year’s conversation.  Together we will look at reframing our theatre community by developing relationships between the creators of the art and those who enjoy it, helping to cultivate an appreciation for theatre by changing societal values towards the art and by examining alternative ways for people to engage in it.

About StageSource:

Founded in 1985, StageSource is a non-profit theatre service organization led by staff in our Boston offices, a Board of Directors, member volunteers and advisory committees representing our members. StageSource reaches over 6,000 households and businesses including individual theatre artists (actors, directors, designers, playwrights, and other theatre professionals), 220 theatre, film, casting, audio, video, service and theatre support companies, and over 50,000 patrons directly and hundreds of thousands more through our member theatres. Our members are located throughout New England, New York and beyond.

StageSource provides leadership and services to advance the art of theatre in the Greater Boston region.  Our mission is to unite theatre artists, theatre companies, and related organizations in vision and goals that inspire and empower our community to realize its greatest artistic potential.

StageSource is dedicated to:

  • Increasing cultural participation through advocacy, communication, and education.
  • Providing information, initiatives, and resources to established and emerging theatre artists and organizations in the areas of employment, professional development, and institutional growth.
  • Fostering access and non-discrimination in the belief that theatre should shape, as well as be shaped by, the diversity of the community it represents.

88 Tremont Street, Suite 714, Boston, MA 02108
PH: 617.720.6066
email: info@stagesource.org

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