Getting Lively, Lush & Local With: Joan Lancourt

Who are you? Joan Lancourt

What do you do? I’m an executive coach and consultant to non-profit organizations

Where are you from originally? New York City

How long have you been working in Boston? since 1972

Why do you stay? It’s got theater, art, dance and music, history, intellectual stimulation, variety, good restaurants, universities, etc. etc.

What’s your earliest theatre memory? Being back stage on the original set of Harvey and being given a big stuffed white rabbit by Dorothy McFadden who I believe was one of the producers

What’s your first theatre memory in Boston? Something Commedia dell’arte-ish at ART

What was your first job in theatre? have not had a paid job in the theater

If you could change one thing about theater, what would it be? Make it part of every school’s curriculum

What kind of theater excites you? Theater that is thought provoking

The Boston Theatre Conference is focusing on the lively, lush and local aspects of our theatre community. What do you think? I think we need to use the theater as a forum for engaging audiences in dialogues raised by each play, where the theater becomes a kind of civic space in a community and enables people to hear different points of view and have constructive conversations about those differences – where people can learn about and gain a larger context in which to consider the issues.

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