Getting Lively, Lush & Local With: Mary-Liz Murray

Who are you? Mary-Liz Murray

What do you do? I work for the Tufts Music Department, am one of the Founding Artistic Directors of The CoLab Theatre Co. and act, direct, produce, and blog.

Where are you from originally? Everett, MA

How long have you been working in Boston? Post-College: 2.5 years

Why do you stay? The view of the  Boston skyline from Memorial Drive.

What’s your earliest theatre memory? Lying about my age so I wouldn’t be stuck in “the little kids group.” I was 12. I told the director I was 13. It worked.

What’s your first theatre memory in Boston? Seeing The Secret Garden at the Colonial Theatre when I was 7. It’s still one of my favorite musicals.

What was your first job in theatre? My first paying job in theatre was as the Assistant to the Managing Director at Company One

What’s the best meal you’ve ever had before a show? Either Steak Frites at MASA or Easy Mac 🙂

What’s your favorite rehearsal snack? String Cheese

Do you eat before you go on stage or do you wait until after your performance to eat? After

If you could change one thing about theater, what would it be? The idea that it’s only for people with money.

What kind of theater excites you? No one kind of theater excites me but the most exciting thing to watch is honesty on stage.

What advice do you have for artists just starting out? There’s no right way or wrong way to make your living in this business, so forge your own path and make your own rules.

The Boston Theatre Conference is focusing on the lively, lush and local aspects of our theatre community. What do you think? I adore those three adjectives, and I adore Boston, and I adore theatre; now we just have to work out how all three can come together.

YOUR TURN! Write to us here!


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