Getting Lively, Lush & Local With: Deirdre Benson

Who are you? Deirdre Benson

What do you do? Stage Manager

Where are you from originally? Fall River, MA

How long have you been working in Boston? 16 years

Why do you stay? The amazing community of artists that I get to be a part of.

What’s your earliest theatre memory? Being sick as a dog on the day of my 6th grade play and insisting that my mother let me go to school because “the show must go on.”

What was your first job in theatre? Light Board Op for the Theater Offensive’s Out on the Edge Festival

What’s the best meal you’ve ever had before a show? With the number of hours I usually spend at the theater, I’m always excited when I make time to cook for myself.

What’s your favorite rehearsal snack? The cookies that designers bring me during tech week.

Do you eat before you go on stage or do you wait until after your performance to eat? I usually keep a snack in the booth to munch on during the show, especially when I’m doing a 3 hour (or longer) epic.

If you could change one thing about theater, what would it be? I would love to change the belief that going to the theater (as an audience member) is not for everyone.

What kind of theater excites you? I love shows that play fast and loose with time/place and memory.

What advice do you have for artists just starting out? Sometimes good relationships are more important than a big paycheck.

The Boston Theatre Conference is focusing on the lively, lush and local aspects of our theatre community. What do you think? I think it’s great!  There are so many great fringe companies doing really exciting work right now.

YOUR TURN! Write to us here!


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