Getting Lively, Lush & Local With: Birgitta Dahlgren Knuttgen

Who are you? Birgitta Dahlgren Knuttgen

What do you do? I am a retired professor of languages, literature & theatre. I work in the Stage Source Library.

Where are you from originally? Gothenburg, Swedan, an important theatre town.

How long have you been working in Boston? I moved to boston in the 1960s.

What’s your earliest theatre memory? Probably a summertime production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in a park. I was a mesmerized 6-year-old.

What’s your first theatre memory in Boston? It would have been something at the Charles Playhouse. They had a fine rep. company in the 1960s.

What’s the best meal you’ve ever had before a show? I don’t tend to eat much before a show.

What’s your favorite rehearsal snack? Tigerbars.

Do you eat before you go on stage or do you wait until after your performance to eat? No, I usually don’t. Just water & coughdrops & maybe a tigerbar.

The Boston Theatre Conference is focusing on the lively, lush and local aspects of our theatre community. What do you think? I thoroughly enjoy living in this diverse and lively Theatre Town – it has grown tremendously since the 60s.

YOUR TURN! Write to us here.


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