Getting Lively, Lush & Local With: Trudi Goodman

Who are you? Trudi Goodman

What do you do? I am a performing artist: acting, singing, musician, writer, director, producer

Where are you from originally? Boston, MA

How long have you been working in Boston? Over 30 years

What’s your earliest theatre memory? Playing Queen Esther in the Purim Play at about the age of 6

What’s your first theatre memory in Boston? Going to see the Ice Capades at the Boston Garden.

What’s the best meal you’ve ever had before a show? At a place that doesn’t exist anymore: Salad Days on Charles St. Before I performed at a local club.

What’s your favorite rehearsal snack? Peanut butter crackers and spring water.

Do you eat before you go on stage or do you wait until after your performance to eat? I eat sparingly. I always carry a sandwich and fruit and water, for if I get hungry during scene breaks or intermission.

The Boston Theatre Conference is focusing on the lively, lush and local aspects of our theatre community. What do you think? Sounds good.

YOUR TURN! Write to us here!


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