Lend Them Your Ears!

Although getting your feet wet in the Boston theatre scene can be somewhat difficult, I’ve found it quite simple to stay put in this expansive wading pool of collective dreams. Sure, like everyone else, I had my share of times when I felt a little like an outcast or that some of my colleagues weren’t taking me as seriously as I wanted them to; nevertheless, with a little perseverance, a good attitude, and, dare I say, a smile, you’ll find it’s really easy to get to know people here in the Bean scene (HA! It rhymes).

All joking aside, I’ve realized that most of the community likes to talk to anyone that will give them their attention and if you want to stay welcomed as a fresh face for your duration in the scene, lend them your ears. You have no idea how amazing people feel when someone actually listens and responds to them. Don’t be afraid to talk back, lend ideas, and even playfully argue if you disagree. Everyone’s ideas are important and the more you engage with the people you’re talking to, the more likely you are to become a “household” name in the community. It won’t guarantee you a role or a job, but I can certainly guarantee you a new ally in the scene. I am humbled that I have met so many amazing theatre folks in Boston, and can’t wait to continue meeting, learning from, listening to, and arguing with all you fine individuals out there.

And, artistry aside, isn’t that a big part of what it’s all about? Being able to get to know new people and sharing a trust with those community members who are, for the most part, eager to share a trust with and get to know you? If not, we’re all just strangers on the street needlessly competing with each other and that’s just way too “high school” for me.

So, say “Hi” to me or to my company members of Happy Medium Theatre or to my friend Krista from Holland Productions or my new friends from 11:11 or Dawn Simmons and Nora Long from NXR or anyone in S.T.A.B. and so on and so forth. Meet them at the Chuck or at a show or even on the damn street. Let’s make this community stronger with friendly faces and open ears!

With love and great respect,

Mikey DiLoreto

Mikey DiLoreto is the Executive Producer of Happy Medium Theatre Company and an actor/director living in MA.

  1. #1 by Coriana on November 10, 2010 - 1:16 pm

    I would like you to know that halfway through the second paragraph, with the signature at the bottom still outside my browser window and no actual certainty about who had written this post, I said “Hi, Mikey DiLoreto” out loud for no apparent reason at all. And then I laughed like crazy when I scrolled down to prove that I was right.

    That is all.

    ~ Coriana

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