My Boston Theatre Experience

My name is Jared Craig and I am proud to say I am a History Boy. After graduating from BU’s School of Theatre, one of my first roles was working on The History Boys. I can’t think of a more exciting way to get injected into the Boston theatre scene than working at SpeakEasy with an amazing director like Scott Edmiston. For all of us Boys it was an incredible experience. We bonded immediately and did exercises in rehearsal that allowed us to explore the characters’ relationships as well as our own relationships with each other. There was a trust built amongst the ensemble that transcended the stage. I still keep in touch with most of the History Boys and have found that being in a production that got so much attention opened some doors for me in the Boston community. It is still one of my favorite experiences as an actor.

As a young, aspiring actor who grew up on the south shore, there was nothing more exciting to me than going to see plays at the A.R.T. and the Huntington. I dreamed of one day being able to act on the stages where years earlier I had sat as an audience member, having some of the most amazing theatrical experiences of my life. When I was a freshman at BU’s School of Theatre, I remember seeing Snow in June at the A.R.T., which I would have to say is my favorite theatrical experience. It was amazing to watch an incredible story told so beautifully. It inspired me to work hard toward the dream of working at those companies and I am proud to say that I have worked as an actor with the A.R.T and the Huntington. Both companies are very generous and working with them was incredible.

There are such a variety of opportunities in Boston, which makes working here interesting and challenging. The experiences range from small fringe shows to the medium companies in residence at the BCA and the larger LORT theatres. The bus rides to New York make out of town auditions and seeing Broadway plays possible. Boston also houses some of the best actors in the country. Young actors like myself get to rehearse and perform with talents like Tommy Derrah, Will LeBow, Paula Plum and Nancy Carroll. From location, to opportunity, to local talent, Boston has a lot to offer and I am proud to be a part of the institution known as the Boston Theatre Community. But, no matter how long I am here, I will always consider myself a History Boy.

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